Disaster Preparedness Article; escape tools and disaster plans, Part 2

As a disaster preparedness expert for business like DTC LifeTools.com, I am constantly searching for means to aid people to prepare for calamities and unanticipated occasions like tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, motor vehicle collisions, and various other natural calamities.

Nowadays in the area of disaster preparedness we have man-made events to prepare for such as terrorist bombings, EMPs, RPGs, violence in our colleges and work environment shootings. After that there are biological dangers and the possibility of contagious conditions we have never ever heard of before.

In our initial article on points to remember to be prepared we discussed knowing your setting such as what dangers exist and are likely to occur. We also discussed preparing yourself with a ready to go emergency bag, survival set listing, disaster plans and emergency escape tools for vehicles.

In this article I wish to review other products needed in an emergency along with evacuation procedures, contact numbers, local resources, and knowing what other strategies and procedures are in place in your area.

Let’s start with other products in addition to those I mentioned in my previous article, “Escape Tools, Survival Gear Lists, Disaster Kits to Think about in an emergency Preparedness Plan.”

additional products to take into consideration consist of:

– Ready to eat food (a three-day provide of nonperishable products);

– Water (again three days worth – one gallon per person/day for consuming and hygiene);

– A can opener; battery-powered radio; flashlights; batteries;

– hand towelettes and plastic bags (for hygiene requirements)

– regional maps with different courses clearly noted and highlighted;

– first-aid supplies;

– matches, yarn/string, elastic band and ropes for tasks and improvisation.

– A whistle and/or ultra-bright red flashing light or flares to signal for support);

– A crescent wrench, vice grips, and/or pliers (to turn off utilities); and numerous multitools such as a Swiss army knife and/or DTC LifeTools.

– Emergency quilts or mylar sleeping bags to protect against the cold.

You will want to take as much as you can without making the bags to massive to hold so give this some attention. You may also want to have some of these products replicated and tucked away in the trunks of all your cars because you may not have time to figure out which to take.

In future write-ups I want to cover numerous remaining points you could possibly do to be prepared for whatever emergency you might encounter. Please Do not stall and get caught up in trying to get points together at the last minute – you might not have a minute to extra!

Exactly how goodwill it be to really be prepped and geared up IF the time ever comes? And you understand what they say … strategy for worst, however expect the most effective. It is definitely my hope that you never ever have to use any of these points!


To find out more concerning escape tools, survival gear checklists, disaster kits, and disaster preparedness supplies or strategies, see DTCLifeTools.com.


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